A secret in the vineyard

The best kept secret is in the vineyard, under every rock, sand, wind,  in the warm summer, on the extreme winter temperatures, on the vine which gets older and after every single harvest is giving us the best grapes.

Tinta de Toro, prefiloxeric vines, very limited production, small grain, concentrate.

Malvasía. Warm, different, perpetual, vineyards that have always been there and despite of other varieties is still present and keeping its position.

Moscatel. The wine of Kings. More than 110 years old has our small vineyard of moscatel which reminds us every year the efforts of our ancestors for leaving us a decent future.

Poor soil, sandy, stony, where the roots are trying to survive every day. The personality of this terroir is transmitted to the wine. Wines that can stand the test of life, like his mother, the vine.